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About Urban Patrol


Who are we? We are just like you – young and active people disappointed with retail chain's clothing who decided to take the matters into our own hands. That's how in 2013 idea of Urban Patrol was born. At the very beginning we set up two priorities: original prints and the highest quality. Urban Patrol is developing every day looking for new solutions, so our products can be better. We don't follow trends with our patterns – we set our own. Our production is 100% Polish – we use Polish materials and we sew our products in Poland. Quality of clothes by Urban Patrol is acknowledged by thousands of satisfied customers. You can express yourself in one moment in every way you want. Our clothes will give you not only unique look, but also self-confidence. By chosing Urban Patrol you will join the group of independent, creative people, who are over the 'one-moment' trends and who follow their own. You are a few clicks from this – will you dare?